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Looking for a swiss army knife for consent organized startups, sociocracy, holacracy and other Teal organizations?

Lead and manage your teamwork clearly

Dynamical steering, work organized in circles and lead clearly

Ensure transparency

Relevant informations in real-time for all

Save time through effective meetings

Go to highly efficient meetings in clearly structured spaces Purpose:
We create a web-based tool as an economically sustainable product that supports organizations in their consent-oriented development. Thus an ecosystem for commercial consultants and non-commercial structures emerges.

  • For whom? Holacracy, Sociocracy, teal organizations

    This software supports teal start-ups, companies and organizations – all people who want to work together - efficiently, freely and clearly.
  • Best for what? Transparency.

    Keep track of your organization's roles and team issues.

    • Keep an eye on projects, roles, accountabilities.
    • Know your authorities based on explicit structures, policies and domains.
    • Highly efficient meetings in clearly structured rooms
    • Be connected to your team members.
  • What you get out of it? Joy, quality of life!

    • Agile and efficient teamwork saves time and money.
    • … is fun and rocking!
    • Freedom, self-expression and development in harmony with shared team vision, supports unfolding your potential.
    • Re-inventing organization teamwork sets sustainable social accents and helps people in having more life quality.
  • How it works?

    Just sign-up for your account to the Web-app and taste it. More detailed information about the features you can find here:

    Features and Details

supporting swarm-intelligence – unfolding potencial web-supports the potential of swarm intelligence in your circles.