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Current state of development and preview

still working …

Current state of development and preview

These days we are proceeding internal tests with the system. When all goes fine, we'll start the "beta for friendly users" in December 2016. This means, that some pre-selected partner organizations will start using for their real organization management. These are organizations both sociocratic and holacratic – and even some other 'teal' remote teams with none of both practices as precondition.

All the feedback will be distilled into the public beta1 in 2017. To soon launch the public beta version no further features will be build, just bug fixing and fine tuning of the existing essential features will be implemented.

If you're interested in using as soon as possible with your team(s), sign up to our newsletter. We will keep you up to date, looking forward to build something extraordinarily supportive for many kinds of people working together.