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The Application preview

Preface is built to be the all-in-one web tool for consent oriented organizations. 

Our primary goal is to support organizations based on sociocracy, holacracy or other self-organization and purpose driven practices. You won't have to be an expert in holacracy or sociocracy to be able to start. We will offer flexible features for start-ups, small-businesses and non-profit organizations to support unfolding your potential in an economically sustainable way. 

Features in the coming public beta version

  • Create one or more organizations
  • Invite people to your organization or ask to become member of existing organizations

Per organization features:

Structural overview of every organization with

  • circles and roles with their purposes and policies
  • meeting history
  • checklist
  • metrics
  • projects
  • email subscriptions
  • bookmarks
  • notepad

Features planned for further versions

  • user assistance and resources for different approaches (e.g. sociocracy, holacracy)
  • improved guidance through governance processes and authority questions
  • features for consent / decision making outside of meetings
  • services integration
  • integration of user requests and feedback
  • internationalization: german language support
  • possibilities for enrichment through interoperability and networking
  • possibility for organizations to fusion or fork 
  • features selection per organization

Currently we are near the finish line to launch the "beta for friendly users" version. Read more about the current state of development and/or subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be one of the early adopters. We will keep you up-to-date and will give you more news and details soon.

For any questions or suggestions you're welcome to contact us.